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The two greatest gamification tools out there – Which one to pick?

There are millions of apps out there competing over the attention of their users. The average user however only tends to engage with 30 apps per month. Exclude the bare essentials like social media weather apps and banking apps and it gets even harder to keep people engaged. Gamification for apps can boost usage by up to 58%. However, finding the right tool to help you here is crucial. Find out how StriveCloud compares to Captain Up in the full post!

10 tried & tested ways to increase banking app engagement

Did you know banking apps are the third most-used apps in the world, after social media and weather apps? Nonetheless, product managers at financial institutions are still struggling with user retention. It is said that after 90 days less than 4% of users remain engaged. So how can banks fight this? We put together a list of 10 best practices you can implement & test to boost your app engagement! Ready to build a product that makes users hooked?

What makes Robinhood and Revolut remarkable? The truth about investment app success.

The investment banking landscape has had to cope with a lot of disruption lately. Increased digital adoption and high app engagement are luring new players such as Robinhood and Revolut to the market. These apps, who often operate online-only, have a cost and innovation advantage against larger banks. It's David versus Golliath. Banks that don't jump on the technology wagon today, will be left behind. Check out our blog to see everything you need to know.

Data survival: how to handle the death of the cookie

In 2021, the largest play in the web browser market Google Chrome will kill third-party cookies. They follow the example of both Safari and Firefox which have already dropped cookies last year. 2021 is the final countdown for marketers! You need to find ways of enriching your data with first-party cookies. So, how do you get your audience to share their data with you? And why should you start collecting first-party data now?

How better experiences will be the most powerful move for banks

The sudden uptick in app engagement and digital adoption forced banks to quickly adapt in a world with few physical interactions. With digital transactions up by 20%, banks needed to step up their game to create a better digital customer experience. That's where gamification for apps helps to build a cohesive customer experience that drives customer loyalty. Check out the full article to discover how gamification will turn the banking industry upside down.

How to use gamification for improved loyalty in telecom

Increasing digital competition is forcing telecom companies to innovate. Changing consumer behavior and low customer loyalty puts lots of extra pressure on marketing and service departments to fight customer churn. However, most initiatives never achieve what they set out to do: creating a more enjoyable and engaging customer experience. That's where gamification comes in, something we know all about.

The truth about killed apps and how to avoid their mistakes

Low user engagement kills every product manager's dream: to build an app that hooks people. Of course, it's nice to have funding, to build a team or to grow your userbase, but it doesn't mean anything unless you can keep your users active. Fortunately, you are not alone in this journey! Tons of apps have tried and failed before you so you could learn from their mistakes. In this article we close in to 6 of the biggest app failures and what you can learn from them.

How to crush your competition like Strava

One could argue that fighting user churn is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve as an app. In 2019 only 3 in 10 users were retained after three months which means the average churn is over 70%! Not all apps seem to struggle with this however. Strava for example is one of the most used fitness apps in the world. With over 55 million users, growing at a rate of 1 million new users a month, it seems like they have figured out how to engage their audience. Read the full blog to find out how Strava keeps users hooked!

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