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How a popular Swiss esports agency used StriveCloud to organize scalable FIFA tournaments and win new partnerships with brands

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Tobias Egartner, the CEO of the Swiss esports agency eStudios

Customer at a glance

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eStudios is a 360-degree esports agency that works on every aspect a brand needs to go into esports and gaming. From consulting to organizing online and offline events, content production, and up to owning a network for esports target group advertising (the GameTurnier community). Some of the brands the agency works with are RedBull, Warner Bros, or UPC.

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GameTurnier is a popular esports competition platform with a large esports community in Switzerland. The brand is part of the Swiss esports agency, eStudios.

eStudios helps its customers step foot into the esports and gaming space. As a typical 360 esports agency, to make their clients successful they provide services ranging from consulting to events, content production, and programmatic advertising to the GameTurnier esports community.

Tobias is the CEO of eStudios, and is committed to taking esports to the next level in Switzerland. As Tobias explained, despite the fast growth of esports, Switzerland misses the structure for professional teams to participate in competitions and players to level-up their skills.

For Tobias and his team, the goal was to build a system for people to train, people to grow, and people to have fun at each level. A hub for people to engage in esports and gaming as a hobby, but also to train, gain experience and level-up to be a pro player. However, the past experience from testing different platforms was disappointing.

Tobias explained:

With GameTurnier the biggest community is in FIFA. Each gaming community has different behaviors. Before StriveCloud we had lots of complaints from the players. We needed a platform for FIFA behavior.”

The idea of using StriveCloud stemmed from building an ecosystem with a large and engaged community of esports fans and players. They wanted to offer a personalized experience tailored to each game community behavior so that they build a bigger audience for brands to advertise to.

Why StriveCloud?

So why did Tobias and his team decide to choose StriveCloud in the first place? There were two main reasons:
👉  The behavior-driven approach for designing a gamified user experience on a platform that simply worked.

👉  A platform that works for multiple campaigns.

StriveCloud allowed eStudios to grow the community on GameTurnier, while simultaneously setting up platforms for new clients in its portfolio.

The secret behind a successful activation: a digital experience tailored on audience behavior

When it comes to the user experience, small things can make a big difference. As Tobias noticed, small things like naming a button can confuse the users and impact their experience on the platform. Initially, Tobias had a team to extract the information about the GameTurnier’s FIFA community fan base, and then together with StriveCloud explored the best ways to set-up the new GameTurnier gaming tournament platform, so that gamers could have a frictionless experience.

As Tobias explained:

“We are really good at organising FIFA competitions. StriveCloud is really good at making the platform work for the community.”

The new platform was launched one day before the Corona lock-down in Switzerland, and in Tobias’ own words:

“It was one of the best launches ever.”

For the launch, the GameTurnier in cooperation with the Swiss Pro League, invited LuBo (Luca Boller), a professional FIFA player and influencer to introduce the platform to the fans. LuBo created his own tournament and invited fans to participate in competitions, explaining how easy the platform works live from his Twitch channel.

Twitch influencer livestream on StriveCloud technology

How eStudios moved up the service value chain and turned offline event cancellation into online eyeball time for its brands 

eStudios, like many esports agencies, is focused on organizing top-notch esports events that connect gamers and brands. Because of it, the COVID-19 crisis really hit home.

Today all eyes are on digital, and in response, the main focus of eStudios has shifted to the new gaming tournament platform provided by StriveCloud. Inside the agency, employees who previously worked on events now work on the platform organizing competitions that connect fans with brands, but also in production.

According to Tobias:

“Employees who worked on events before the COVID-19 crisis now use StriveCloud. The motivation and interest within the company shows that this is a great product. Today everybody knows how to organise tournaments and use the platform.”

With a rapidly growing and active esports community, Tobias and his team were able to build new partnerships with brands. But they don’t plan to stop here. There is an even bigger opportunity to use StriveCloud in other campaigns.

Tobias explained:

“What if brands want to have their own gaming tournament platform? How can we keep growing our community on the GameTurnier platform and handle platforms for our client partners?”

The StriveCloud white-label solution makes it possible for eStudios to use the technology in other campaigns. There is no limit on what eStudios team can accomplish – and they are just getting started.

As Tobias concluded:

“Right now esports is the professional playing of sports, and this will continue after the Corona crisis ends. The real sports will come back, but right now esports has a bigger role in the interest of the fans. Change happened anyhow, Corona just moved it forward faster. It comes with the change in generations.”

Results recap:

👉 600 competitions played weekly

👉 4,000h organic eyeball time in just 2 months

👉 doubled on user growth and acquisition

👉 over 10 new campaign discussions with brands

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