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Scroll down and find out just how the Belgian Pro League and Belgian pay-television and telecommunications company Proximus connect fans, players and clubs in the coronavirus age

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Pro League
  • Belgian Football League representing 24 professional clubs
  • Belgian pay-television company
  • Big broadcaster of live sports
  • Commited to growth of esports in Belgium
Proximus and Pro League Belgium
Gaming tournament platform strivecloud set up of Proximus Pro league esports campaign

Following the coronavirus outbreak, the sporting world is coming to terms with the postponement or cancellation of virtually every single major competition and event.

The absence of real sport forced the marketing and social media departments of sports teams around the world to find new ways to provide content and connect with fans digitally.

Some have turned to re-runs of classic matches, others created new games, such as the viral tic-tac-toe round sparked by Bayer Leverkusen on Twitter. Others turned to the virtual world of sport to fill the gap.

Proximus and Pro League join forces to catch fans’ eyeballs back to the clubs with esports 

The gap created by live event cancellations opened the door to the virtual world. As more and more people stay indoors, esports and video games are being played at record levels. This is an opportunity for clubs and leagues to re-connect with their fans digitally by organising esports competitions.

These types of events are an easy way to introduce fans of traditional sports to esports, which may be the only competitive events not cancelled in the coming months.

The Belgian Pro League and Proximus decided to partner up and organise FIFA 20 esports competition for their fans to make up for the lack of live league matches.

The Proximus Pro League e-Cup invites fans to register to represent their favourite Pro League team in online friendlies across the course of the week in EA Sports’ FIFA 20 game.

StriveCloud provides the digital arena for the Proximus Pro League e-Cup competitions

Pro League and Proximus decided to organise online competitions for fans. But making sure the digital experience is set for success required correct conceptualisation and fast deployment on a scalable technology that simply works.

With StriveCloud, this happened in 4 steps over 1 week.

Results recap:

👉 2,000 registrations in first hours of activation
👉 > 3,000 matches played in just 2 days by all users
👉 100 matches played in 2 days by just one player. This is more than 12h played daily!

What makes the fan experience in the competitive arena provided by StriveCloud different?

We combine behavioural psychology, motivational theory and gamification techniques to design an additive user experience.

The fan experience matter

The clubs matter 

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