10 effective user engagement strategies apps can use right now (plus examples)

The more engaged your users are, the better! For one, engaged customers are 63% less likely to churn. But to increase user engagement effectively, you need a user engagement strategy. That's because it's easy to get lost - after all, engagement is everything a user does! Discover 10 user engagement strategies (plus examples) to get you started today.

How to increase ARPU as a mobility operator in 2023 (and 3 ways to do it)

When costs are rising and customer acquisition is too competitive, how can micromobility operators grow? The solution is to increase ARPU! An increased average revenue per customer boosts your bottom line, all without spending a cent on customer acquisition. In short, a higher ARPU means greater profitability! In this article, discover 3 ways you can increase ARPU today.

The top 5 benefits that esports agency ESTUDIOS gained from using StriveCloud

ESTUDIOS is a leading esports marketing agency from Switzerland. With its gaming community platform 'GameTurnier' they connect gamers and brands by hosting online tournaments and events. This platform is powered by StriveCloud! Why did they pick our tournament software over others, and how do they use it to their advantage? Find out inside the article!

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