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Gamification mechanics and behavioural insights
  • Fully customisable pages
  • Social feed and live chat
  • Webshop set-up 
  • Tournaments and league generator
  • Gamification experience for every user: personal achievements, competitive ranking and leaderboards
  • Loyalty system 
  • Referral system
  • In-depth user behavioural analytics and data insights
  • Browser access through the web app
  • 5,000 Monthly Active Users


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Personalised gamification design Everything in Starter, and:
  • Advanced gamification experiences
  • Unlimited dynamic spaces: offices, clubs, stores, etc
  • Loyalty integration
  • Webshop integration
  • Custom development
  • Coachmarks
  • Advanced user behavioural analytics and data insights
  • Dedicated support
  • 10,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU)

App Gamification

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Activate your software or app with gamification elements
  • API connection with app metrics
  • Gamification elements implementation: milestones, rewards, notifications
  • Embed on your own software or app

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