Immediately improve App Acquisition, Engagement and Retention with Gamification

Shared mobility providers are struggling to achieve profitability because competing at the price level is the only way to acquire and retain customers. What if we told you there's a smarter way to acquire more customers, engage them without losing money? Fire up your acquisition and retention game by gamifying your mobile app experience.

Mobile app churn: what is it and how can gamification help prevent it

Many businesses are launching apps to get the needed eyeball time from their audience, but lots of them are failing at keeping consumers engaged. Why? Because they are either not tracking mobile app churn or aren't solving the problems that cause users to abandon their apps. Luckily, there are solutions to tackle the engagement challenge. Gamification, for instance.

How Does Gamification Drive Engagement?

One of the hardest challenges in business today is engagement. Be it for customers, users or employees it’s important to have the right engagement strategies in place. Engagement is essentially a mutual involvement in interactions and possibly even behavior or actions. Digital noize continues to make it harder to trigger initial engagement and even more so to maintain customer engagement throughout the long term.

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