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Join now the forward thinking sports organizations who turned match day cancellations into gamified digital fan experiences

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Tournament and Community Platform from StriveCloud

Live events are dead (for now). The threat on season ticket sales is real. You need a new approach.

The online esports tournament and community platform from StriveCloud is exactly what you need to organise competitions at scale and keep fans engaged and connected to your brand 

 👉 Bring a fun alternative to live event cancellations

 👉 Tap into the voice of new generations

 👉 Turn your sports team into a digital love brand

 👉 Capture enriched customer data which you can use for new revenue streams

This is a highlight of the impact we’ve made on fellow forward thinking sports organizations

🚀 350% user growth on digital assets

🎮 > 3,000 daily matches

⚡️ 60% increase in daily active users

🤑 1.5 hours average weekly eyeball time per user

With StriveCloud you can easily launch 3 tested digital concepts and connect with your fans immediately:

Amateur esports tournament platform
Celebrity esports tournament platform
Pro esports tournament
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And the best news is: our platform is both easier and less expensive than running costly loyalty programs

Arnaud and Freek

Finally a solution that combines both software and expertise in a 3 Step execution plan:

StriveCloud Implementation Step 1
StriveCloud Implementation Step 2
StriveCloud Implementation Step 3
Tobias Egartner, CEO @eStudios testimonial StriveCloud

This is like no other summer break.
How will you hit your targets in an industry at pause?

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