How GameTurnier solved decentralized engagement with a complete esports platform

How GameTurnier solved decentralized engagement with a complete esports platform

Gaming is a highly disruptive market – and that’s what makes it so exciting! But this can also make it an uphill climb to develop an engaged and long-lasting gaming community. When GameTurnier had the goal of becoming Switzerland’s leading esports platform, they needed the right tools to face up to the challenge. Most importantly, they needed a platform that went beyond just tournaments, but an A-Z tool to build an active gaming community. To achieve that goal, GameTurnier found the perfect solution in our whitelabel tournament & community platform at StriveCloud.

In this article, we’ll cover GameTurnier’s journey to success:

GameTurnier’s challenges in building a successful esports platform

ESTUDIOS is a 360-degree esports agency from Switzerland that works on every aspect a brand needs to go into esports and gaming. From consulting to organizing online and offline events, content production, and especially Community Building as a service. They also manage their own esports platform: GameTurnier!

For GameTurnier, they were looking for a platform that centralized all engagement in one place. They needed a whitelabel tournament & community platform that brings community, tournaments, loyalty, and content-sharing features into one place.

If you’re a big streamer and you plan to build your community, you will want to organize community tournaments and engage your community even more. For that, Twitch bots are just not enough. You need more to engage with your community and, StriveCloud brings all these features on one platform. ” – Matthias Zander, Executive Board and Head of Platform at ESTUDIOS and GameTurnier

However, growing your own esports platform isn’t easy. For one, you have to generate enough awareness to get users to sign up for your platform. But then activating gamers and retaining them is another question entirely! These days just hosting online tournaments is simply not enough. You also need to build a place where gamers want to come back every day.

“ If you look at other tournament hosting platforms, they don’t have, a loyalty system in place like StriveCloud has. So the retention process on these other tournament platforms relies 100% on participation in tournaments. And, this is the unique thing of StriveCloud and therefore in the esports industry.” – Matthias Zander, Executive Board and Head of Platform at ESTUDIOS and GameTurnier


How we helped GameTurnier overcome the engagement challenge

Our platform

At StriveCloud we built a complete whitelabel tournament & community platform that centralizes all gamer engagement in one place! Besides a bespoke tournament engine, we have a range of community and gamification features to keep gamers engaged & loyal. With our solution, you don’t have to struggle with a thousand different tools, you simply get to build your very own esports platform!

Whitelabel tournament platform

How are we different from alternative solutions?

Our whitelabel tournament & community platform centralizes engagement in one place. We combine community, tournament, loyalty, and content-sharing to provide the full gaming experience. In other words, our platform is about more than organizing online tournaments! With built-in community features like the social feed, commenting or upvotes gamers are encouraged to connect and interact with each other!

“To be fair, other platforms miss the social component. The only things they have is a friend list and a user profile. Of course, they can have some kind of achievements, level systems, and so on, but they don’t have, for example, the social feed functionality. They don’t have the full news commentary functionality. They don’t have, the loyalty system StriveCloud has.” – Matthias Zander, Executive Board and Head of Platform at ESTUDIOS and GameTurnier

You can use our gamification features like challenges, quizzes, and polls to keep gamers engaged on a daily basis. Then, you hook them in with a wide range of loyalty features such as points collection, shop integration, leveling systems, and hotzones.

As a whitelabel esports platform, you have complete control over everything. That means you can customize the full gaming experience. Additionally, you have access to all the data! You can use this to keep improving your platform and to attract sponsors and advertisers.

“It’s not only the possibility to create my own pages with my own designs and banners and so on, but also we can collect 1st party user data and have the possibility to sell advertisements to our clients. With StriveCloud we have almost full control of the platform.“ – Matthias Zander, Executive Board and Head of Platform at ESTUDIOS


3 ways our whitelabel tournament & community platform keeps gamers engaged daily

#1 Gamification features that boost activation

What better audience is there for a gamified esports platform than gamers themselves? GameTurnier took advantage of gamification by using features such as polls, quizzes, and challenges to keep gamers engaged. That way they are incentivized to come back to the platform every day!

#2 Social features that fuel a sense of community

Lastly, of course, we cannot ignore the huge effect that social features have on long-term engagement. Research shows that a tight community brings users back for more! Whereas most gaming platforms only offer friend lists and user profiles, we enable you to go beyond. From integrated social feeds and news outlets to commenting systems and more!

#3 Loyalty features drive long-term engagement

To grow its gaming community, GameTurnier knew it needed an effective loyalty system. Not just to keep existing fans on the platform, but also to hook new ones in! Using our esports platform, they found a set of features they could use to create a compelling gamer experience:

  • Points collection – which can be redeemed for rewards
  • Levels that track gamer progress and reward their efforts
  • Leaderboards, which help boost community spirit and competition


How you can get started with StriveCloud!

After years of experience in gaming & esports, we’ve developed a three-step plan to getting your esports platform off the ground and into the world:

  1. Book a demo. – It’s quick and easy. Take a tour with our in-house experts and see our platform in action.
  2. Like what you see? Then we can get started! – If you decide to work with us, we help you set up the platform & customize it.
  3. Onboard & train your team – Our team will work side-by-side with yours, making sure the process is smooth and your team is confident using our platform!

“I’m working in esports and gaming industry for more than 20 years now. So I came across many solutions from Discord bots to platforms that came & went away again. I was always searching for that one platform that would deliver more than tournaments and StriveCloud is finally the platform I was looking for.” – Matthias Zander, Executive Board and Head of Platform at ESTUDIOS and GameTurnier



With a whitelabel solution, you have full control of how the platform looks & feels. Your own branding can foster community spirit and keep gamers around for longer! Furthermore, having your own esports platform gives you the credibility and data to close sponsor deals & create awesome brand activations!

The research is clear, a tight community brings users back for more! Social features like a newsfeed and comment section can massively increase participation on your esports platform. Also, regular activations with quizzes, polls, and challenges keep them engaged.

StriveCloud is designed to centralize gamer engagement in one esports platform. Beyond our tournament engine, we have a variety of social & gamification features to build an engaged community. Unlike other software, our whitelabel tournament & community platform is advertiser-friendly. With full control over 1st party data!

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