Recent studies show that Gamification is the best way to improve your customer experience and keep them loyal and engaged. Especially if you want to rejuvenate your current audience.

so…what is Gamification anyway?

Gamification is the application of game-like elements into your customer experience to motivate people’s behavior

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At StriveCloud we use gamification to help companies just like yours change customer behavior and keep them loyal

We add Point Collection, Rewards, Leaderboards, or behavior-triggered Notifications to the customer experience to activate behavior

Customers Collect Points as they interact with your digital products

They can use the points to claim Rewards

They can check their progress on Leaderboard

Or get contextual Notifications based on individual behavior


Companies of all shapes and sizes use StriveCloud to create digital experiences that get customers hooked

Sports Organizations

Esports Organizations



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Want to secure your customer loyalty?

The Plug-in Gamification Platform is designed to create highly engaging products that get users hooked

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Want to capture more data?

The Gaming Tournament Platform enriches your data by driving mass participation and user interaction in competitive digital events

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