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Up to 10k
Monthly Active Users

€ 499
per month

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Up to 25k
Monthly Active Users

€ 999
per month

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Up to 100k
Monthly Active Users

€ 1,499
per month

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Up to 200k
Monthly Active Users

€ 1,999
per month

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Up to 500k
Monthly Active Users

€ 2,499
per month

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Over 500k
Monthly Active Users

Custom Made

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User Interface

Create an unlimited amount of bespoke pages with any functionality and format you want.

Customize pages for your needs with no boundaries on layouts or the amount of content.

Display high-resolution images across your page.

Create text and image blocks with ease.

Add elements of gamification wherever you want them.

Increase user engagement with interactive polls.

Create interactive wagers for your users and reward them when they win.

Integrate an RSS feed to keep your users updated with news and new content.

Reward Store

Distribute unlimited virtual currencies to reward users with coins.

Give your users the ability to buy or exchange currencies.

Accept payments through Mollie and CCV.

Allow users to redeem coins, points and raffle/lottery wins to receive physical and digital products.

Create QR codes and allow users to redeem codes with ease.

Integrates with many major shop providers.


Incentivize progress by setting targets for users to complete.

Offer Products, Badges or Currency for completing specific user behaviours chosen by you.

Generate high engagement by creating challenges that should be completed with a certain amount of time or specific period.

Automatically track users progress on the required actions to gain achievements.

Integrate external sources to track events and progress and link them to your users’ achievements and levels.

Levelling System

Use experience points as an incentive for users to ‘level up’ to reach their goals and unlock achievements and badges.

Choose from the Basic or Custom experience algorithm depending on your needs.

Incentivize your audience to use your app at certain times by offering increased rewards.

Messaging and Personalization

Create and display bespoke news updates in the style of your app and redirect users to internal or external pages.

Integrate with your database and communicate with your users using content blocks to send customized messages.

Alert your users and allow them to keep track of their actions with notifications.

Analytics & Data

Use the analytics dashboard and reports to analyse your users’ behavior and app usage.

Export all your user data, including contact information.

Customer Support

Get help setting up and quick answers to all your questions from our customer success specialists.

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