Esports marketing 101: How to grow your reach and engage the gaming community

The fast-growing esports audience is full of early adopters, and still growing in diversity across the globe. Therefore, it's a desirable audience for both endemic and non-endemic brands. But how should you set up your esports marketing strategy? And how does it differ from traditional digital marketing? Discover 17 strategies, examples & a free checklist inside the article!

7 Tournament organizers tools | Pros & Cons

To be a great tournament organizer, you need a tournament maker that suits your needs. So how do you find the right one? Whether you’re a brand or an (e)sports organization, picking the right tool will be detrimental to your marketing, engagement & monetization strategy. To help you get started, we ran down the pros & cons of the 7 tools.

Data survival: how to handle the death of the cookie

In 2021, the largest play in the web browser market Google Chrome will kill third-party cookies. They follow the example of both Safari and Firefox which have already dropped cookies last year. 2021 is the final countdown for marketers! You need to find ways of enriching your data with first-party cookies. So, how do you get your audience to share their data with you? And why should you start collecting first-party data now?

Digital fan engagement | Euroleague Basketball’s strategy

In our fan engagement breakdown series, we take a look at the top sports teams and organizations in the world and how they are tackling fan engagement in times of social distancing. In this blog post, Alex Ferrer Kristjansson, Senior Director Marketing and Communication at Euroleague Basketball shares how Europe’s elite multinational basketball club competition league is keeping their fanbase engaged digitally. Besides some practical examples, Alex also shares his view on...

3 fanshop revenue hacks

With sports clubs losing matchday income, new revenue streams like fanshops are getting more important. With the industry losing an estimated $60 billion from stadium revenue, the focus on merchandise and online sales have become a higher priority. In this article, we’ll show you how gamification drives merchandise sales and creates long-term loyal customers.

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