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Total E-Football: How KNVB partnered up StriveCloud to grow the biggest E-Footballing community in the Netherlands

KNVB X StriveCloud Success Story

KNVB’s success story

Discover the value of a tournament-oriented digital platform through the success story of

KNVB (the Dutch Football Federation) partnered with StriveCloud to launch — an online platform for amateur FIFA players in the Netherlands! On, FIFA players can hone their skills by participating in tournaments, forming communities, and ultimately getting in touch with the real football game. With, KNVB envisioned one digital platform that would attract the Dutch footballing spirit into the digital space.

StriveCloud helps us provide amateur e-football players with more events and a better structure so they can develop themselves as a player, learn from each other, and within the platform use FIFA to get in touch with the real football game” – Nick Hoogebeen, Partnership Manager of E-Football at KNVB.

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