Case Study

How HumanForest together with StriveCloud
co-created & launched a gamified loyalty program

HumanForest Case Study StriveCloud

HumanForest success story

A gamified in-app loyalty program at the heart of HumanForest growth strategy.

Discover in HumanForest’s success story how the shared mobility provider uses interactive features to convey the brand message in a fun & easy-to-understand way, motivate more people to use HumanForest’s shared e-bike service, and reward users for contributing to the mission of reducing CO2 in a scalable way.

“On one hand we wanted to create a fun and engaging experience around the concept of HumanForest. On the other hand, we wanted to show the users the impact they were having on the planet. ” – Michael Stweart, Co-founder & Head of Marketing @HumanForest

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