Case Study

How Wasder used StriveCloud to add a
customized gamification system to their app

Wasder x StriveCloud Gamification Case Study

Wasder success story

Crafting a gamified social experience on Wasder mobile app.

Discover the success story of Wasder – a community-based social platform for gamers. With community engagement at the heart of the mobile app, Wasder chose to introduce gamification features such as Season Passes, Leaderboards, Leveling Systems, and Streaks to encourage users to engage with each other and increase participation in the app.

“StriveCloud it’s a nice gamification system that allows customers to define it. It’s pretty flexible and enables us to define our own statistics, our own way of setting up the gamification system, and our own way of letting users progress in it . ” – Gabriele Ferrari, Senior Software Engineer @ Wasder

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