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Everything you need to set-up and run a successful online gaming tournament…all on a single platform

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Used by the top brands, sports organizations and agencies in the world to engage gamers and attract new customers

“Data has become the most valuable asset for any company operating in the sports industry…”

“…Knowing your fans, engaging with your fans, interacting with your fans and collecting fans’ data must be at the core of your digital strategy. 

Gaming, linked with incentives (such as tickets or merchandise) boosts loyalty and introduces competitiveness between fans.”

Didier Quillot, Former CEO of Ligue de Football Professionnel (the governing body of the French professional football leagues.)

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Didier Quillot - Former CEO of league de football professionnel
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Get your brand in front of a hard-to-reach and valuable customer demographic.

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For Sports Organizations

Use the customer data to inform your wider marketing efforts, by retargeting gamers with offers for tickets and merchandise.

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Offer online gaming tournaments as a new and highly-profitable offering to your clients.

Position your brand as an innovative thought-leader, eager to adopt new technologies and seize the initiative before your competition.

Grow your sponsorship revenue by organizing branded competitions with no limits to the number of advertising opportunities you can offer.

With whitelabelling, you can create one tournament type and reuse it for all your clients with a minimum of effort.

Capture and migrate customer data off-platform to use across wider marketing initiatives.

Connect and engage a growing demographic with significant cross-selling opportunities.

Grow your client base as more brands and sports organizations move into the esports arena.

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eStudios used StriveCloud to organize FIFA gaming tournaments for the Swiss Pro League

Using our platform, eStudios was able to grow their business during COVID-19, by rapidly turn a host of offline event cancellations into online success stories for the brands they work with.

“Employees who worked on events before the COVID-19 crisis now use StriveCloud. The motivation and interest within the company shows that this is a great product. Today everybody knows how to organize tournaments and use the platform.”

Tobias Egartner, CEO @eStudios

Tobias Egartner - CEO of estudios
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