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and rewarding
with StriveCloud

Use our software to add gamification to your learning platform, and improve learning outcomes and engagement.

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Gamification for learning platforms

Your users deserve a meaningful
learning experience 

Whether you have a learning platform for schools, corporate learning, kids, or adult education,
StriveCloud helps you make the learning experience more impactful by adding a layer of gamification.
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increase active users with gamification


increase in engagement rate

increase active users with gamification

3.5 x

more active users on the platform

How our gamification software
elevates the learning experience


Make learning feel like a victory
by celebrating user progress

You can increase intrinsic learning motivation by giving consistent feedback on user progress and activity. Our gamified rewards system is linked to users’ actions and behaviors, helping you create meaningful learning loops.

Didier Quillot - Former CEO of league de football professionnel


Make learning fun and
engaging with gamification

With over 25 off-the-shelf gamification features, StriveCloud transforms a
flat learning experience into an interactive journey. This will help you nurture
curiosity, improve learning outcomes, and drive course completion.

Didier Quillot - Former CEO of league de football professionnel


Increase participation in learning
activities with our interactive tools

Use polls, quizzes, or scratch cards to make users feel empowered or surprised and increase the likelihood of actively participating in learning activities time after time.

Didier Quillot - Former CEO of league de football professionnel

The best part?

With us, you have more than a software solution,
but a team of gamification experts ready to help you
unlock the power of human motivation.

Getting started with StriveCloud

Learning should be meaningful

Act now to prevent low course completion and superficial learning. We’re here to help you create a
captivating learning experience that users will keep coming back to.