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Gamification software for health & fitness applications

Everything you need to
reinforce healthy behaviors

No matter whether your users are the elderly, children, or other groups that require intuitive technology, our
gamification software adds enjoyment to your health & fitness app by allowing you to gamify certain elements.
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gamification for health & fitness applications


increase in engagement rate

gamification for health & fitness applications

3 x

more active users on their app

How our gamification software
turns passive users into active members


Incentivize user behavior by celebrating individual progress

Make healthy lifestyle feel like a victory by rewarding user progress and activity. Our rewards program is linked to users’ actions and behaviors, reinforcing long-term commitment and engagement.

Didier Quillot - Former CEO of league de football professionnel


Create personalized quests to
increase your users’ enjoyment

Use game-like elements to create fun and unique user experiences depending on each individual’s
behavior and required health outcome. This way, you improve your app onboarding and
motivate more users to sign up, exercise, track their health metrics, or engage in the community.

Didier Quillot - Former CEO of league de football professionnel


Interact with your users
in new and exciting ways

Use polls, quizzes, scratch cards, or wheel of fortune to make users feel empowered or surprised and increase the likelihood of actively participating on your health & fitness app time after time.

Didier Quillot - Former CEO of league de football professionnel

The best part?

With us, you have more than a software solution,
but a team of gamification experts ready to help you
unlock the power of human motivation.

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On average, only 7% of health & fitness app users stay
engaged after seven days. What are you doing about it?