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An Innovative Approach
to E-bike Loyalty


  • How to adapt gamification to fit your brand message

  • How to trigger loyalty with an in-app currency, challenges, and leaderboards

  • How to build an engaged community around a common mission


  • A B2C app

  • Customer data

  • A gamification design-plan

  • StriveCloud software


HumanForest is a company that offers 100% emission-free mobility.

They have these really cool e-bikes that run on renewable energy and help reduce CO2 emissions. That’s right, they’re one step closer to saving our planet!

But they had a tough challenge – how could they motivate people to move greener?

HumanForest didn’t just want to flash loyalty prizes and give random rewards to its customers. They wanted to create a better experience around riding a bike that builds up loyalty and a fun adventure.

Therefore, their end goal was to build a loyalty system that goes beyond just a transactional relationship. But how?


Gamification was the key answer to HumanForest’s 3 main objectives:

So, HumanForest teamed up with StriveCloud to come up with a gamification plan that would motivate and reward loyal customers to use their e-bikes more often and contribute to the common mission of reducing CO2 emissions.


Let’s take a look at how StriveCloud helped HumanForest attain its objectives and delivered a different biking experience with gamification:

1. Convert the brand message into a gamified experience

To make people understand the impact they have by using e-bikes, HumanForest created a ‘TreeCoins’ system that translates kilometers biked into CO2 avoided. So their customers understood that more kilometers ridden meant less CO2 in the atmosphere.

TreeCoins is a gamified concept that is universally understood and has a huge impact – not only for translating the HumanForest mission into a real experience but also to reward customers and create a point system.

Therefore, HumanForest transformed riding into earning: 1 mile ridden earns 1 tree, and 5 trees earn 1 TreeCoin. Simple and effective!

StriveCloud helped HumanForest achieve their success. Book a free session and be next!

2. Motivation drives action

To motivate customers to use the HumanForest e-bikes more often, HumanForest introduced various gamification & loyalty add-ons inside their mobility app:

  • A leveling system that supports the brand narrative

How to encourage long-term engagement? Set clear goals and activate a sense of achievement with a leveling system.

Based on the TreeCoins collected, HumanForest customers can level up their profiles. They can start from a Bonzai tree and level up to a gigantic Sequoia tree. By riding the HumanForest e-bikes, people can literally transform the city into a ‘human forest’ – a beautiful analogy aligned with the brand message that convinced customers to take action.

  • Challenges that inspire

To incentivize customers on their app, HumanForest introduced inspiring challenges. For instance, ‘CO2 Saver’ is a challenge that motivates customers to reduce the CO2 levels – in other words, to ride more kilometers.

The possibilities here are nearly endless, but they all have the same purpose: to create a fun and engaging experience around riding a bike. What can be more exciting than contributing to the common mission of making the world a better place?

  • CO2 Leaderboards

Measuring performance stimulates people to give their best. With the HumanForest leaderboard, customers compete against each other based on the amount of CO2 saved.


We saw together how the right gamification strategy can be the reply not only to business challenges but also to environmental issues.

HumanForest joined forces with StriveCloud and together have designed, co-created, and launched a gamified loyalty program that rewards HumanForest customers for their environmental impact. 

By introducing the TreeCoins system, the brand message of HumanForest was translated in a fun and comprehensive way, and customers were rewarded for participating in sustainable mobility.

Customers became significantly more engaged and booked more rides, motivated by the leveling system, challenges, and leaderboards. Today, 70% of trips booked on HumanForest are returning customers!

And that’s how gamification helped HumanForest in its mission to make a positive impact on climate change. It all started with a currency that matters: TreeCoins.