Uber: A great example of how to increase customer loyalty with gamification

The ridesharing app market is predicted to grow an impressive 20% every year. With competitors like Lime looking around the corner, Uber has seen its market share go down by 7% over the last four years. In response, Uber released a gamified reward system to improve customer loyalty and retention. The result? 20 million sign-ups! Read more about Uber's successful app gamification case!

How better experiences will be the most powerful move for banks

The sudden uptick in app engagement and digital adoption forced banks to quickly adapt in a world with few physical interactions. With digital transactions up by 20%, banks needed to step up their game to create a better digital customer experience. That's where gamification for apps helps to build a cohesive customer experience that drives customer loyalty. Check out the full article to discover how gamification will turn the banking industry upside down.

How to use gamification for improved loyalty in telecom

Increasing digital competition is forcing telecom companies to innovate. Changing consumer behavior and low customer loyalty puts lots of extra pressure on marketing and service departments to fight customer churn. However, most initiatives never achieve what they set out to do: creating a more enjoyable and engaging customer experience. That's where gamification comes in, something we know all about.

The truth about consumer decisions and how to influence them

Consumers shop differently in the 21st century. That's not a surprise, since there has never been more information available to base decisions on. Think With Google, the marketing insights institute from Google, carried out over 300,000 purchase simulations to to map out this decision-making journey. We'll take it a step further and show you how to guide the consumer journey, or as Google calls it "the messy middle" forward using gamification.

Gamification for apps | Scaling engagement & loyalty

Growing your user base is hard. And it’s even more so to keep those users engaged and active without spending tons on loyalty costs. Unfortunately, in today’s world, where digital apps or platforms often require high initial investment it’s not an option to lose fans. So how can you grow a user base while cutting costs on retention and loyalty? The answer seems to be gamification! It leverages data & rewards to trigger emotional drives so that a user gets and stays motivated to carry out an activity. Esports platform Kayzr for instance successfully gamified its platform, growing its user base by 350% and gaining 60% more daily active users.

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