How to innovate in finance, future trends & challenges according to Bjorn Cumps

In 2016, just 24% of the financial industry was confident that their client strategy was integrated across digital and traditional channels. Today that's changing - customer experience optimization is at the heart of consumer finance. Expert Bjorn Cumps tells us what exactly that means, from improvements in AI to the use of examples of gamification like a points system.

Cake: 5 gamification examples that improve the fintech user experience

While physical visits to the banks decreased by 36%, mobile transactions jumped by 121%. The future of online banking is undeniable, and new fintech solutions create new opportunities for banks to engage with their customers. One of those initiatives is Cake. This app gained 120,000 users in just 1 year and shares literal profit with its users. Here's how they did it!

10 tried & tested ways to increase banking app engagement

Did you know banking apps are the third most-used apps in the world, after social media and weather apps? Nonetheless, product managers at financial institutions are still struggling with user retention. It is said that after 90 days less than 4% of users remain engaged. So how can banks fight this? We put together a list of 10 best practices you can implement & test to boost your app engagement! Ready to build a product that makes users hooked?

What makes Robinhood and Revolut remarkable? The truth about investment app success.

The investment banking landscape has had to cope with a lot of disruption lately. Increased digital adoption and high app engagement are luring new players such as Robinhood and Revolut to the market. These apps, who often operate online-only, have a cost and innovation advantage against larger banks. It's David versus Golliath. Banks that don't jump on the technology wagon today, will be left behind. Check out our blog to see everything you need to know.

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