Cake: 5 gamification examples that improve the fintech user experience

While physical visits to the banks decreased by 36%, mobile transactions jumped by 121%. The future of online banking is undeniable, and new fintech solutions create new opportunities for banks to engage with their customers. One of those initiatives is Cake. This app gained 120,000 users in just 1 year and shares literal profit with its users. Here's how they did it!

How to hack growth like Revolut (the secret is mobile app engagement!)

Today, almost 50% of people exclusively do digital banking! That number is only set to grow even further! The fastest-growing digital bank in Europe is Revolut, which boasts 15 million+ customers. The app exploded in just 6 short years through the clever use of gamification. Want to find out how they succeeded while others didn't? Check out the full article!

5 examples of gamification that make Duolingo the best at user retention

In 3 years Duolingo's revenue jumped from 13 million to 161 million. How? They made learning fun! Duolingo's lead product managers all speak to the effect of gamification and how it boosted their user retention metrics. With over 42 million active users, Duolingo is claiming the learning app throne. In this article, we break down how they keep learners engaged and motivated. Take a look!

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