How the Hook Model can give you the benefits of better user retention

User retention continues to be a challenge across the app market. In mHealth, just 4% of customers stick around after 30 days, and in digital banking that number is 10%. That's not much better! But there is an answer to improving those numbers: a habit formation strategy led by gamification examples like challenges and rewards that can make your app fun and gratifying.

Cake: 5 gamification examples that improve the fintech user experience

While physical visits to the banks decreased by 36%, mobile transactions jumped by 121%. The future of online banking is undeniable, and new fintech solutions create new opportunities for banks to engage with their customers. One of those initiatives is Cake. This app gained 120,000 users in just 1 year and shares literal profit with its users. Here's how they did it!

How gamification helps Streetcrowd fight the greatest challenge in shared mobility

In 2020 app uninstall rates shot up by 70%! The same goes for the shared mobility sector. With competition growing fierce, apps like Uber and Streetcrowd want to create customer loyalty by increasing user retention. Gamification helps Streetcrowd achieve this, as well as tackling the greatest challenge in shared mobility... Read the full article to find out more!

Uber: A great example of how to increase customer loyalty with gamification

The ridesharing app market is predicted to grow an impressive 20% every year. With competitors like Lime looking around the corner, Uber has seen its market share go down by 7% over the last four years. In response, Uber released a gamified reward system to improve customer loyalty and retention. The result? 20 million sign-ups! Read more about Uber's successful app gamification case!

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