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How the greatest health apps use communities to boost user engagement

It's no secret mhealth apps have the power to drastically impact how we approach health. With solutions for diabetes testing, elderly care or general health & fitness everyone can achieve their goals with a little digital help. Unfortunately, most mhealth apps lose the attention of their users in a matter of days. If they want to truly impact a user's health, they need to build a better and more engaging user experience. In this article, you'll discover the peer community secret behind some of the greatest mhealth apps. check it out!

7 gamification secrets to give better experiences on your health app

The future of healthcare is mobile. Health apps create user experiences that are centered around the patient. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 people leave their health apps after just 30 days. The main reason? A lack of motivation to achieve their health goals. In this article, we'll explore what you can do to improve user retention and how gamification comes into play! Check out our 7 tips to turn your healthcare app into a fun, game-like experience!

Expert advice on how to get users excited about your health app

Health apps will make a huge difference in our lives. Next to giving patients more autonomous treatment, it will help to improve general health. With fitness trackers, calorie trackers, or even medication reminders, everyone will get a personal health assistant on their phone. The only problem? Low user motivation and a shortage of data. When people aren't engaged enough, they won't get as much value from the app. Luckily, gamification can shift the tides. Check out the full post to find out how!

Why unlocking user motivation is the key to mHealth success?

The smartphone is at the center of our lives. The rise of mobile health is leveraging this device to provide better patient experiences. They're using data to learn more about general health and gain new insights about diseases, treatments and more. Unfortunately, user retention on these apps is low, and mHealth apps need to be more user-centric in order to keep their users. In this article, we explore how gamification can make the experience better for all parties, by making it fun and engaging!

38 interesting gamification examples to learn from as a product manager

With more apps popping up every day, you need to differentiate yourself from competitors. Gamification has proven to be a succsful way to both acquire more users, and increase the engagement of existing users. It can be hard however, to find what that would actually look like on your app. To give you some inspiration, we have listed 38 remarkable examples of gamification for apps. Discover how these apps use game elements to drive the desired behaviors!

The two greatest gamification tools out there – Which one to pick? 🤔

There are millions of apps out there competing over the attention of their users. The average user however only tends to engage with 30 apps per month. Exclude the bare essentials like social media weather apps and banking apps and it gets even harder to keep people engaged. Gamification for apps can boost usage by up to 58%. However, finding the right tool to help you here is crucial. Find out how StriveCloud compares to Captain Up in the full post!

10 tried & tested ways to increase banking app engagement

Did you know banking apps are the third most-used apps in the world, after social media and weather apps? Nonetheless, product managers at financial institutions are still struggling with user retention. It is said that after 90 days less than 4% of users remain engaged. So how can banks fight this? We put together a list of 10 best practices you can implement & test to boost your app engagement! Ready to build a product that makes users hooked?