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The truth about consumer decisions and how to influence them

Consumers shop differently in the 21st century. That's not a surprise, since there has never been more information available to base decisions on. Think With Google, the marketing insights institute from Google, carried out over 300,000 purchase simulations to to map out this decision-making journey. We'll take it a step further and show you how to guide the consumer journey, or as Google calls it "the messy middle" forward using gamification.

[Interview] Breaking into esports as a professional football club 

If there is anything the last year has taught us, it’s that the business model of the sports industry is outdated. With the world getting more and more digital every day, clubs have to innovate to survive. We had a conversation with KRC Genk’s Strategic Partnership Manager Davy Vanhaen on their plans to conquer the esports world with the help of the leading gamification company StriveCloud.

3 fanshop revenue hacks | StriveCloud

With sports clubs losing matchday income, new revenue streams like fanshops are getting more important. With the industry losing an estimated $60 billion from stadium revenue, the focus on merchandise and online sales have become a higher priority. In this article, we’ll show you how gamification drives merchandise sales and creates long-term loyal customers.

Gamification for apps | Scaling engagement & loyalty

Growing your user base is hard. And it’s even more so to keep those users engaged and active without spending tons on loyalty costs. Unfortunately, in today’s world, where digital apps or platforms often require high initial investment it’s not an option to lose fans. So how can you grow a user base while cutting costs on retention and loyalty? The answer seems to be gamification! It leverages data & rewards to trigger emotional drives so that a user gets and stays motivated to carry out an activity. Esports platform Kayzr for instance successfully gamified its platform, growing its user base by 350% and gaining 60% more daily active users.

How Bayern München bridged the content gap with clever digital engagement – StriveCloud

In our fan engagement breakdown series, we take a look at the top football clubs in the world and how they are tackling the effects of the Corona outbreak. Today we will review how Germany’s largest football team Bayern München uses their role model function to help society and the football world. With various initiatives in esports and charity going on the club maintains a well-filled pipeline of digital content to keep their fans engaged and safe.

How eStudios turned event cancellations into digital engagement – StriveCloud interview

The sports world is upside down. Clubs and sponsors are under pressure to find a corona-proof alternative for their fan engagement. Luckily, esports is still standing and the virus outbreak only accelerated its popularity among sports fans. So how can you easily pivot from events to online brand activation? We had a conversation with Tobias Egartner, CEO of Swiss esports agency eStudios and GameTurnier about how they turned event cancellations into digital engagement.

KAA Gent’s secret to fan engagement in the age of social distancing

It’s an uncertain time for the football world. Clubs, sponsors, and fans have an overload of unanswered questions about the coming season and the measures they will need to take. KAA Gent is no exception. However, the club has decided to be a beacon of positivity during these rather somber times, proving that maintaining fan engagement throughout the age of social distancing is entirely possible. With initiatives such as esports competitions, charity work, and collaboration with digital parties the football club is keeping their fans entertained and the KAA Gent brand top of mind.