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46 fan engagement lessons to learn from esports

With the Corona pandemic around we don’t really know what to expect in the world of sports. Luckily esports is here, and it’s here to stay. Increase in online consumption and the lack of content from live sports has only contributed to its popularity. The industry has matured to one with great sponsor brands and a large, hyper-engaged community. Esports will not take the place of traditional sports but there is still much traditional sports can learn from some crazy fan activations we have seen over the years.

Live events are dead! Gain digital ground

The COVID-19 outbreak has moved the eyeballs of consumers even more online. With all live events being postponed or even cancelled, sports clubs and their sponsors have to come up with new ways to engage with fans. In this article you will learn about the impact of Corona on sports events, how clubs and their sponsors are adapting, why you should use gamification to create digital engagement and what the benefits of gamification for marketing activations are.

Gamification for apps: 10 ways to drive engagement & loyalty

Do you ever wonder how successful apps manage to keep their customers hyper engaged? In this post we explore how game mechanisms can trigger external and internal motivation along with how some of the world’s biggest apps like Facebook use gamification for apps in their customer and employee engagement strategies. Lastly we provide you with 10 ways to use gamification in your buyer journey and common pitfalls to avoid.

How Does Gamification Drive Engagement?

One of the hardest challenges in business today is engagement. Be it for customers, users or employees it’s important to have the right engagement strategies in place. Engagement is essentially a mutual involvement in interactions and possibly even behavior or actions. Digital noize continues to make it harder to trigger initial engagement and even more so to maintain customer engagement throughout the long term.