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I'm a Digital Marketeer at CitizenLab, and freelance writer at Phelix with a passion for content!

How the shared mobility industry can benefit from app gamification

While e-scooters are extremely popular and provide a good solution for short-distance commute in cities, the micro-mobility industry is struggling to make ends meet. The main reason is strict regulation leading to little differentiation with competitors. Embracing app gamification could, however, bring shared mobility providers more peace of mind and strengthen their position in the fierce battle to build a loyal user base. Shared mobility services provider Wunder Mobility is now partnering up with StriveCloud to offer its clients this possibility.

Digital fan engagement | Euroleague Basketball’s strategy

In our fan engagement breakdown series, we take a look at the top sports teams and organizations in the world and how they are tackling fan engagement in times of social distancing. In this blog post, Alex Ferrer Kristjansson, Senior Director Marketing and Communication at Euroleague Basketball shares how Europe’s elite multinational basketball club competition league is keeping their fanbase engaged digitally. Besides some practical examples, Alex also shares his view on...

10 reasons for brands to invest in a gaming tournament platform | StriveCloud

Are you looking for alternatives to offline advertising at live events and generate new revenue opportunities? Consider investing in a very own gaming tournament platform for your brand. Over the past months, esports were able to attract thousands of consumers by providing a fun digital alternative to the live event vacuum. The quick set-up, easy scaling and low entry barrier make it possible to have a live and active platform in next to no time. And once you’re online, smart gamification elements enable you to keep users engaged, build a community of brand ambassadors, significantly increase eyeball time and in the end, boost sales. Moreover, this new medium enables you to reach new and bigger audiences, and gain more insights on who is interested in your brand to leverage in future marketing campaigns.