StriveCloud vs Gametize

Low app engagement and increasingly higher retention costs are forcing companies to differentiate themselves if they want to get users hooked. At StriveCloud we’re convinced that gamification for apps is the way to go! However, finding the right gamification tool can be challenging.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down two gamification solutions to see what platform might be best suited for your goals.

First, we have Gametize, a gamification and community platform for small and medium enterprises or large corporations. You can use it for employee engagement, learning & development, and consumer engagement.

Secondly, we’ll break down StriveCloud’s plug-in gamification tool. The only tool built for retention and app engagement. You can gamify any data point and add a layer of gamification on all your digital products from one simple control panel.

Here’s what we’ll break down:

  • Introducing two gamification tools – Gametize & StriveCloud

  • Features showdown

  • Pricing faceoff

  • Gametize VS StriveCloud – Which gamification tool is right for you?

Introducing two gamification tools – Gametize & StriveCloud

Who is Gametize?

Gametize was founded in 2008, originally as a gamified virtual stock exchange. It wasn’t until three years later that they reinvented their product as a web app with just two features: create and claim a digital challenge. In February 2012 they renamed their company to Gametize, to reflect their focus on gamification.

Today, Gametize is a gamification and community platform for small and medium enterprises or large corporations. Their tool includes an easy-to-use content management system with lots of templates to help you set up a gamification campaign or learning program.

Their aim is to be the world’s simplest gamification platform, accessible to everyone. The team at Gametize believes in the power of game psychology to motivate and reward positive behaviors. Things like storytelling, competition, and socializing can impact everyday lives.

Who is StriveCloud?

StriveCloud is a Belgian company that specializes in gamification technology. The story actually begins in 2016, when co-founders Freek Borghgraef and Joris De Koninck started Kayzr, an esports platform that connects brands with digital natives through gaming.

The epiphany came when they saw how the layer of gamification on Kayzr supercharged gamers’ engagement on the platform. That’s when they started StriveCloud, with the goal of leveraging gamification for apps to unlock user true motivation and drive engagement.

StriveCloud has built a plug-in gamification tool built for user retention. The gamification tool takes user data from any web or mobile apps and uses it to create gamified digital experiences.

You can easily add tons of gamification elements such as personalized milestones, achievements & rewards to boost user participation or you can rely on leveling and badge reward systems to keep up app engagement. On top of this, StriveCloud’s team of gamification experts helps you set up your own gamification strategy and plan to get started.

StriveCloud’s customers see a significant increase in-app engagement such as a 58% increase in daily active users and a 23% decrease in churn rates.

Features showdown

Gametize’s Core features

We won’t go over all the features Gametize has to offer. Instead, we’ll take a look at the main features they use in gamification for apps.

Create interactive challenges to engage your users

You can use ready customizable templates to launch interactive challenges within a day. Gametize has different types of challenges that use photos, videos, QR codes, and more to put the fun in your game.

Gametize is a gamification tool that helps you set up virtual challenges

Leverage the power of competition & social elements to create a sense of community

Gametize allows you to measure the progress of your users. You can set leaderboards for challenges to spark competition between users, and add social elements such as comments, votes, and more to boost community engagement.

Keep users engaged through instant feedback mechanisms

Set progress bars, points, and feedback messages so your users always know where they’re at in their journey. Visualizing progress compels users to stay engaged.

Reward users to reinforce positive behavior

You can create achievements and rewards and link them to actions or set up challenges to motivate the users to complete them. Users can redeem their points in the online store, or collect achievement badges as they progress through the game.

In gamification for apps rewards often motivate app engagement

StriveCloud’s core features

The plug-in gamification tool by StriveCloud has all the features from Gametize, plus the ability to add a layer of gamification; personalize, customize and manage all your digital products from one simple Control Panel.

StriveCloud's plug-in gamification tool helps you boost app engagement

Incentivize user progress with milestones & achievements

StriveCloud’s plug-in gamification tool links game-like elements such as achievements and personalized milestones to your app usage data. You can nudge user behavior through achievements and push the user journey forward with personalized milestones. Moreover, you can link users’ activity on your web or mobile apps directly to experience points and a leveling system, to reward them for staying engaged!

Reward engagement & participation to get users hooked

With StriveCloud you can reward users for behaviors that support your business goals. You can acknowledge users’ engagement by rewarding participation in virtual currencies or badge reward systems. You can even allow users to redeem points for physical rewards through a built-in shop.

Virtual badges are an achievement based reward in gamification for apps

Boost user activity & app engagement with personalized in-app quests

StriveCloud allows you to create unique user experiences at scale. We already talked about setting personalized milestones and challenges to drive the user journey forward. What you can also do with StriveCloud is send automatically trigger in-app messages based on user behavior to drastically drop churn. The plug-in gamification allows you to deliver the right message, at the right time.

Challenges boost conversion and app engagement

Plug-in & manage all your digital products from one simple Control Panel

The plug-in tool takes user data from your web or mobile apps and adds a layer of gamification on top of it. You can access and manage all your digital products from one central Control Panel. Once your gamification strategy is there, it’s just a matter of clicks to bring new gamification elements to life across all your products!

Plug-in gamification tool where you can control all digital products from 1 control panel

Discover more about the plug-in gamification tool here!

Pricing faceoff

Gametize pricing

Gametize has pricing packages for companies of every size. They also offer a 7-day free trial for their Premium Plan, with all features unlocked!

On the low end, you can start for $100 per month and add up to 100 players ad-free. At the other end of the spectrum, the Premium Plus package will cost you $12 000 per year!

In between, they also offer a Regular package for $200 per month and a premium version starting at $500 per month. Both of these include the Gametize Booster Pack which allows for multiple admins and offers a range of content templates to help you get started.

At a low price range, Gametize is a good gamification tool to create basic game templates. However, if you want to get more creative, customization options, a white-label app, and service hours by the Gametize team, you need the Premium Plus package.

StriveCloud pricing

StriveCloud offers flexible pricing that scales as you grow. Its pricing plan is based on your Monthly Active Users so the cost only grows when you do.

Pricing for the plug-in gamification tool starts from €499 per month. This includes an insane amount of features. You can create an unlimited amount of gamification elements and completely customize them to your brand.

You also get access to all the features such as the reward store, achievements, the leveling system, messaging and personalization features as well as the analytics dashboard. Additionally, the team at StriveCloud will help you get started with a dedicated support team.

It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s directly linked to the results you’ll get from working with StriveCloud!

Gametize VS StriveCloud – which gamification tool is right for you?

Gametize is a great gamification platform with lots of capabilities for various use cases. They offer a wide range of templates and examples which you can use to build your own campaign. With its simplicity come restrictions as well.

The platform can be hard to customize which often limits creativity. If you’re not a gamification expert, it can be hard to get started at first.

StriveCloud on the other hand is more robust, but the team of gamification experts that work with you makes it simple. With their gamification tool, you get guaranteed app engagement.

The team is very flexible and thinks along with you on how to improve user experience and create a cohesive and engaging user journey. They also have a more extensive feature set & more enhanced customization options.

Table: Strivecloud versus gametize, feature showdown

So, what gamification tool should I pick?

Both tools are leading gamification solutions. However, there are lots of differences in why and how to use them!

The pros & cons of Gametize

Gametize excels in setting up personalized and interactive challenges. They allow you to set up a range of pre-built quests for various situations in no time. The gamification tool also helps you gain insights into customer behaviors with metrics such as participation rates, discussions, and more.

While Gametize comes off as simple and intuitive to its admins, its simplicity also comes with a restriction in possibilities. It’s easy to create gamified experiences with the templates that are available. Unfortunately, the user interface has limited customization options which can feel limiting for more ambitious projects.

Some reviews said the structure to set up a project on Gametize isn’t intuitive for new users. Most of them get lost and are not sure what to do next or where to click.

The gamification tool by Gametize has a project, topic, content hierarchy

Gametize is not built with app engagement in mind. This gamification tool is not something that goes hand in hand with your existing customer experience. It’s more suited for unique and temporary uses, such as event-based games, or marketing campaigns. That said, Gametize has a lot of crazy functions and templates to get you up and running in no time!

Let’s see how StriveCloud compares.

The pros & cons of StriveCloud

StriveCloud is a very powerful tool with a wide variety of features. It’s the go-to gamification tool to engage your web and mobile apps users. The software has an insane amount of features to incentivize user participation and drastically drop churn rates.

Another strong differentiator is extreme customizability. One reviewer said it took only a couple of hours to implement social features on their platform, so they could shift from a partnership-based monetization model to a media-based one.

Unfortunately, their extensive feature set also locks you into a steep learning path. To fully understand all the capabilities of the platform, you need to first understand gamification. Luckily enough, the support team at StriveCloud is super hands-on! Not only to help you set up a strategy and get started but also to keep getting more out of the platform as you go.

This makes StriveCloud the perfect gamification tool to boost app engagement and user retention.

To conclude, both Gametize and StriveCloud are advanced gamification tools in their own right. While Gametize focuses more on gamification-based campaigns and learning programs, StriveCloud finds its focus in boosting user app engagement and business growth.

Do you want to create a gamified experience in 5 minutes?

Go with Gametize! They have a variety of templates such as loyalty plans, retail templates, and even health gamification templates. You name it, they have it!

Want to create a game to spice up your event?

Go with Gametize! Their platform allows you to set up quizzes and games to engage your live audience.

Are you looking to improve app engagement & slash churn?

Go with StriveCloud! Their gamification tool, built for retention, will help you create an experience that gets your users hooked!

Would you like to motivate user behaviors that support your business goals?

Go with StriveCloud! The team will think with you to set up a gamification strategy and user experience tailored to your business to drive revenue and help you grow!

Looking for a scalable gamification solution?

Go with StriveCloud! Their flexible and growth-driven pricing is perfect for fast-growing web and mobile apps! Manage as many products as you like in one central Control Panel!

If you’re still doubting how to get started, you can book a free gamification workshop here!

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