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Enrich your app experience with fun elements –  so that you can enjoy better user engagement and user retention.

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Grow users within your app with StriveCloud’s Gamification Software for web and mobile apps

On average, our customers see…

When app users spend 3x more than non-app users, can you afford to ignore gamification, a proven method for increasing engagement and reducing churn?


Use our platform to add Point Collection, Rewards,
Leaderboards and Behavior-Triggered Notifications

Customers can collect points…

Shop & Reward example

And use them to claim Rewards.

Rewards examples

They can check their progress on your Leaderboard…

leaderboard example

Or receive unique notifications based on their behavior.

Milestone and achievement Example
Shop & Reward example
Reward Example
Leaderboard example
Achievement & Milestone example

The easiest way to bring the power of gamification to your app


Add gamification to your web and mobile apps with our
easy-to-use API

Use the Control Panel to take gamification from a concept to a fully-integrated user journey.

StriveCloud Achievements & Milestones example

Everything you need to gamify your app

Integrate your web or mobile app and easily create Badges, Challenges, Leaderboards, Lottery Systems
and Point Collections to change user behavior and incentivize the actions that are most important to you.

StriveCloud gamification elements such as badges, leaderboards, levels, point collection & lottery system

Here’s how it works

Increase engagement and retention using the power of competition

Increase the likelihood users will complete the actions most important to you using the competitive elements of gamification. 

Create personalized challenges and competitive leaderboards to activate and retain your audience.

Strivecloud challenges - zoom in on interface
StriveCloud leaderboards - zoom in on interface
StriveCloud challenges, Zoom in on interface
StriveCloud leaderboards - zoom in on interface
StriveCloud levelling system, zoom in interface

Show users their progress to trigger desired behavior

Easily add a visual leveling system to incentivize users to complete the next step or milestone.

Motivate progress by creating challenging goals based on the behavior you want to see.

StriveCloud levelling system, zoom in on interface

Reward engagement and participation to keep users hooked

Track the data that’s most important to you, analyze user progress and reward the behaviors that are tied to the success of your app. 

Create virtual badges and points collections that reward users’ actions and help to build a sense of community within your product.

StriveCloud points collection - Zoom in on interface
StriveCloud virtual badges - Zoom in on interface
StriveCloud points collection - Zoom in on interface
StriveCloud virtual badges - Zoom in on interface
StriveCloud achievements & Milestones

Create a user journey that’s easy to understand

Create visual reminders and notifications that show users which behaviors are rewarded and what activity they should complete next.

Increase the likelihood each user completes a goal by creating bespoke reminders based on their individual activity.

StriveCloud achievements & milestones

Use gamification to change your users’ behavior and improve the metrics that matter to you

Connect the StriveCloud Gamification Platform to your app and let our software do the heavy lifting.


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