Motivate customers to book more trips with StriveCloud

The only gamified loyalty software built to
make your mobility service profitable.

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How our gamified loyalty software makes
 your vehicle-sharing business profitable


Motivate customers to book more trips with in-app rewards

Move beyond generic promos. Use our in-app rewards program to maximize the number of rides booked per customer and create meaningful loyalty loops.

Our business model is very suitable for gamification. Receiving rewards based on distance, kilometers, or minutes driven makes a lot of sense to use and goes well together.

Jennifer Dittmar @EVO SharingJennifer Dittmar , EVO Sharing
Didier Quillot - Former CEO of league de football professionnel


Differentiate your mobility mobility service by
engaging customers with gamification

With over 25 off-the-shelf gamification features, StriveCloud transforms a flat riding experience
into an interactive journey. This will help you increase the number of trips booked per customer,
differentiate from competition, and build customer loyalty.

Didier Quillot - Former CEO of league de football professionnel

What’s really unique about StriveCloud compared to a regular loyalty program or customer marketing is that your customer’s experience is inside the app, at the moment they are using it.

Michael Stewart, Forest


Get to know your customers
and stay top of mind

Social media is not enough to keep engagement over time. Use our interactive tools to make customers feel empowered or surprised and increase the likelihood of using your mobility service time after time.

On one hand, we wanted to create a fun and engaging experience around the concept of HumanForest. On the other hand, we wanted to show our customers the impact they were having on the planet.

Michael Stewart, Forest
Didier Quillot - Former CEO of league de football professionnel


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More reasons why StriveCloud
helps you grow your mobility service 

There are investments, and there’s ROI. On average, after
introducing loyalty & gamification into their mobility app, our customers experience:

Increase active users


more active customers

Increase active users


more trips completed per customer

Getting started with StriveCloud

Is competition slashing your margins?

Act now to make your vehicle-sharing business stand out. We’re here to help you create
an engaging experience around your mobility service and keep customers coming back.