The top 5 benefits that esports agency ESTUDIOS gained from using StriveCloud

ESTUDIOS is a leading esports marketing agency from Switzerland. With its gaming community platform 'GameTurnier' they connect gamers and brands by hosting online tournaments and events. This platform is powered by StriveCloud! Why did they pick our tournament software over others, and how do they use it to their advantage? Find out inside the article!

How the greatest health apps use communities to boost user engagement

It's no secret mhealth apps have the power to drastically impact how we approach health. With solutions for diabetes testing, elderly care or general health & fitness everyone can achieve their goals with a little digital help. Unfortunately, most mhealth apps lose the attention of their users in a matter of days. If they want to truly impact a user's health, they need to build a better and more engaging user experience. In this article, you'll discover the peer community secret behind some of the greatest mhealth apps. check it out!

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