5 Gamification examples that make Nike Run Club a top running app

With average dropout rates of 71%, how do apps like Nike Run Club become the #1 running app worldwide? The app uses gamification to bundle usefulness and fun into one experience. Besides creating a community of loyal ambassadors, it drives up revenue and data collection as well. Want to do the same for your app? Check out these 5 gamification examples from the Nike Run Club!

How the greatest health apps use communities to boost user engagement

It's no secret mhealth apps have the power to drastically impact how we approach health. With solutions for diabetes testing, elderly care or general health & fitness everyone can achieve their goals with a little digital help. Unfortunately, most mhealth apps lose the attention of their users in a matter of days. If they want to truly impact a user's health, they need to build a better and more engaging user experience. In this article, you'll discover the peer community secret behind some of the greatest mhealth apps. check it out!

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