Boosting trips and loyalty with gamification
for mobility service

Imagine this – A bustling street corner, each person with a different destination from the next. For many, the quickest way to get to where they’re going is to hop on to one of the four electric scooters nearby, that are propped up, waiting to be picked by their next. Of the four choices, however, there are three different brands to choose from. How will they decide which one to take for a ride? Do they favor a certain brand?

The reality is that, in general, customer loyalty for a mobility service is less likely to be the deciding factor as opposed to convenience and better pricing. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. StriveCloud continuously works to find ways to get customers to keep coming back. Through gamification, customer engagement and loyalty for mobility services are greatly improved! Starting this year, their gamification software fully integrates within the Vulog platform.

What is gamification

Gamification means using the same elements that make playing games fun and motivating, but in a non-game environment. In the context of a mobility app, this could mean incorporating challenges for users to beat, a tiered leveling system, or a CO2 leaderboard that rewards end-users for their achievements with points, badges, or free perks hidden behind a scratch card. It’s a way to create a fun and rewarding customer experience that incentivizes end-users to use a company’s services more often, makes the service stand out, and most importantly, it rewards loyalty without compromising profit margins.

What is gamification and how does it improve the user experience?

More than a loyalty tool. The benefits of engaging customers with gamification

While gamification has the reward component of loyalty programs, it’s got the advantage of being considerably more engaging. Gamified systems encourage desired actions such as social sharing, content creation, and participation in interactive challenges, fostering a deeper and more meaningful relationship between the brand and the consumer.

Traditional loyalty programs send end-users away from the company’s platform to an external one to unlock rewards that depend on how often they use the mobility service. As more and more end-users participate in a loyalty program, the program becomes increasingly expensive for a company to sustain. With gamification, that’s not the case.

What does this mean for mobility operators? It means that fewer rewards need to be given, while the end-user feels more connected and engages with the company on a more frequent basis. Here’s some main advantages that gamification provides:

  • Increased revenue by incentivizing end-users to choose the same brand, every time
  • Reward loyalty without sacrificing profit
  • Improve your brand awareness by giving your service the competitive advantage
  • Improve customer satisfaction by creating a fun and rewarding experience around choosing to stick with a mobility service
  • Improve data collection as end-users interact with the service more often

Creating lasting connections with customers is as easy as making the switch.

How to bring gamification to your mobility service with Vulog and StriveCloud

For the past year, Vulog and StriveCloud’s technologies have worked together in perfect synergetic harmony. This means that today, any Vulog customer can seamlessly add gamification to their loyalty strategy without a hassle. All the gamification mechanics in StriveCloud’s software integrate into the Vulog app without a hassle. The process is simple, just choose an option:

Option 1 – Use our standard gamification program

Choose a pre-build gamification program tailored to build loyalty in mobility. This means you get a set of pre-defined and completely configured set of gamification and reward mechanics that that will be immediately added to a pre-existing Vulog application.

How does it work? The gamification program connects the raw usage data from end-users (trips, invoices, and more) to StriveCloud gamification software, which generates member benefits based on predefined formulas. Then, end-users can claim their rewards straight in the Vulog app, without ever having to leave the provider’s platform!

Option 2 – Want customizability? We create a custom gamification program just for you!

Need something a little different? The standard gamification program is customizable! Opt into a customized approach to include additional mechanics, tailored for specific audiences and targeted user behavior.

Mobility app functions shown on multiple screens.

Reap the benefits of gamification

On average, customers that implement gamification into their mobility app experience 3x more active customers and 2x more trips completed per customer.

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