App gamification: the most successful hack to user engagement demystified

App gamification is an innovative methodology that uses typical game-world elements in non-game contexts to stimulate the user’s involvement. If you’re not at least considering integrating such mechanics into your app today, you risk to get behind on competitors and lose users. In this post, we cover why it's important to start looking into app gamification today and what tactics exist by using the StriveCloud toolbox as an example.

The best way to boost app engagement like Waze

There are over 9 million apps available in the entire world. While it's a challenge to get your first downloads, it's even harder to keep users active and engaged. Some apps, however, manage to trigger the right emotions to keep users loyal. One of those examples is the popular navigation app Waze. In this post, we'll cover how Waze differentiates itself, and how you can do the same!

How the shared mobility industry can benefit from app gamification

While e-scooters are extremely popular and provide a good solution for short-distance commute in cities, the micro-mobility industry is struggling to make ends meet. The main reason is strict regulation leading to little differentiation with competitors. Embracing app gamification could, however, bring shared mobility providers more peace of mind and strengthen their position in the fierce battle to build a loyal user base. Shared mobility services provider Wunder Mobility is now partnering up with StriveCloud to offer its clients this possibility.

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