Gamifying customer loyalty:
How EVO Sharing gained a competitive edge


  • How to gain a competitive advantage with clever loyalty & gamification add-ons

  • How to incentivize loyal customers to come back and spend more with perks that work

  • Fun & playful activities are essential to succeed


  • A B2C app

  • Customer data

  • A gamification design-plan

  • StriveCloud software


The competition between shared mobility operators is real! It’s not easy to stand out in the crowd and keep your customers engaged over the long haul.

After a successful launch in 2018, EVO Sharing was looking for a tool to incentivize customers to book more trips on their app and become loyal. But going above and beyond requires rethinking your strategy and coming up with clever tricks that offer you a competitive advantage.

Here’s where StriveCould came in with the right fit for EVO Sharing: a gamified loyalty program.


How could gamification motivate customers to use electric scooters more often?

The assumption was: by creating a gamified experience inside the app, EVO Sharing could motivate its customers to use electric scooters more and eventually turn their customers into loyal customers.

They identified three primary goals that could be accomplished through gamification:

Nevertheless, by utilizing StriveCloud’s technology and gamification solutions, EVO Sharing could effectively attain its objectives and foster the growth of its business.

StriveCloud’s gamification solution lead EVO Sharing to success. Book a free session and



Here are the loyalty & gamification add-ons StriveCloud introduced inside the EVO Sharing app to level up the customer experience and reach the desired results:

1. In-app loyalty with an in-app currency

In-app currencies are a great tool to reward your customers and inspire loyalty. So, the first step was to introduce the EvoCoins – an in-app currency that helps incentivize and reward customer engagement and loyalty.

How EvoCoins work? Customers receive them as a reward for their accomplishments, such as the distance they’ve driven or the riding packages they’ve purchased. And here’s the exciting part – they can redeem these EvoCoins for free driving minutes.

2. Help your customers level-up 

The thrill of achievement has always been a significant driver for individuals. Through gamification, EVO Sharing customers can experience this as well.

The strategy? EVO Sharing implemented a leveling system based on kilometers driven, that helps its customers track their progress. By reaching goals and earning rewards, they can also feel the excitement and satisfaction that comes with achieving something meaningful.


The gamification strategy implemented by EVO Sharing and StriveCloud significantly impacted the company’s success and competitiveness in the shared mobility market.

Firstly, the gamified loyalty program was a hit with customers, incentivizing them to book more trips and use electric scooters more frequently. 

Secondly, by introducing the EvoCoins in-app currency and a leveling system based on kilometers driven, customers were rewarded for their accomplishments and were given a sense of achievement, which encouraged them to use EVO Sharing scooters more often.

Overall, the gamification strategy implemented by EVO Sharing and StriveCloud significantly impacted the company’s goals and business, resulting in increased customer loyalty and engagement.