How Does Gamification Drive Engagement?

One of the hardest challenges in business today is engagement. Be it for customers, users or employees it’s important to have the right engagement strategies in place. Engagement is essentially a mutual involvement in interactions and possibly even behavior or actions. Digital noize continues to make it harder to trigger initial engagement and even more so to maintain customer engagement throughout the long term.

Why unlocking user motivation is the key to mHealth success?

The smartphone is at the center of our lives. The rise of mobile health is leveraging this device to provide better patient experiences. They're using data to learn more about general health and gain new insights about diseases, treatments and more. Unfortunately, user retention on these apps is low, and mHealth apps need to be more user-centric in order to keep their users. In this article, we explore how gamification can make the experience better for all parties, by making it fun and engaging!

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