How KNVB attracts young gamers to football using the tournament platform from StriveCloud

The rise of esports gives sports organizations a huge opportunity to attract new fans and build an online audience. With the right tournament tool, you can set up your very own gaming community! And that's exactly what KNVB did with Here's how they built an esports platform to engage fans & bring them closer to the club!

Esports marketing 101: How to grow your reach and engage the gaming community

The fast-growing esports audience is full of early adopters, and still growing in diversity across the globe. Therefore, it's a desirable audience for both endemic and non-endemic brands. But how should you set up your esports marketing strategy? And how does it differ from traditional digital marketing? Discover 17 strategies, examples & a free checklist inside the article!

7 Tournament organizers tools | Pros & Cons

To be a great tournament organizer, you need a tournament maker that suits your needs. So how do you find the right one? Whether you’re a brand or an (e)sports organization, picking the right tool will be detrimental to your marketing, engagement & monetization strategy. To help you get started, we ran down the pros & cons of the 7 tools.

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